towel turban

sometimes i feel like living in a sitcom or movie.
because there are things happening that i only knew from films before.
last week, when i was about to hit the highway, i had to drive by the gas station.
guess what i have seen?
well, it is nothing extremely special, but it confused me fully.
while passing by the station i saw a woman.
first of all, the moment vanished quickly.
i was thinking like: what?!
the reason why she caught my attention was that she was wearing a towel turban.
i did not get it.
the first thing that came to my mind was: why the heck is she wearing a turban at that early period.
matching her white turban, she was wearing a white jogging suite.
she was in one of these self-service car wash areas, holding a sprinkler hose and cleaning her car.
it was just so odd and her turban seemed completely out of context.
as i drive 30 minutes (or even longer) to work, i had enough time to think about my observation.
i mean who leaves the house with a towel on his or her head (excluding religious reasons, of course!) to visit the gas station’s car wash area early in the morning????!
as if it was not hard to top, it were only a few degrees that morning!
well, it gets this kinda exciting at my place.


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my thoughts are as jumbled as my life is. i am an international information management graduate & focussing on my career entry. i am absolutely into crafting, writing, art, fashion, reading, baking & coffee. i'm just browsing the real world, thank you :D

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